Choosing the best baby carrier in 2020

December 11, 2019

The best Baby Carriers are specially designed for the comfort of babies and their parents. They are soft pack style is the ideal carrier for larger babies and is comfortable long after your baby grows out of most carriers. There are several types of baby carrier currently on the market. From slings and wraps to full on backpacks, but for me hip seat baby carrier is the best. Each type of carrier has its pros and cons but all of them make transporting your young ones around so much easier. Don’t get me wrong, strollers are a great and indispensable asset but for some activities a baby carrier is the only real option.

How To Choose The Perfect Backpack Carrier

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Soft or Framed
There are 2 main styles of carrier: soft carriers such as slings and wraps which give very close contact to your baby but are not good for long periods of wearing. The second option is a hard or framed carrier. These are very strong, usually made out of aluminium and can carry 70lbs comfortably. They often have a built in stand so the backpack can be free-standing

Backpack carriers use a harness system to ensure your youngster can’t fall out of the carrier. There are several types of harness:
–> The 5-point harness – found in many child car seats and strollers – has a strap coming up from underneath your child which connects to 2 shoulder straps and 2 leg straps.
–> The 3-point harness – same as the 5 point harness but without the leg / stomach straps
–> The H-harness – this is similar to the 5-point harness but does not have the crotch strap.

Support & Comfort
Most backpacks are padded to cushion your baby as you move about with the carrier. They should also offer head rest support for your baby. It is also important that the backpack is comfortable for you to wear and the carrier should have all the features of a good long distance backpack: Lumber support, good padding, ventilation system, wide, well padded shoulder straps.

Some backpack carriers has additional storage space built in. This can vary from a small cubby hole to the equivalent of a daypack. Do bear in mind though that this will be an additional weight added to the weight of your child.

Weight Capacity
Most front loading baby carriers have a maximum weight capacity of around 25lbs. Backpack baby carriers, on the other hand, can handle over double this amount with some versions able to carry a whopping 70lbs.

hip seat baby carrier

Torso Adjustment
People come in all shapes and sizes and the backpack carrier needs to be adjustable so that it is comfortable and fits well. This is essential for the safety of the passenger and the person doing the carrying.

Sun and Rain and Bugs
Most backpack carriers have the ability to attach a hood, sun canopy and or mosquito net. However, these items are usually sold separately. Check out the cost of these accessories as they are extremely important and not optional in the real world.

Other Features
Useful but not essential additional features to look out for include:
–> Bottle Holders – so you can access fluids while on the move
–> Mirrors – Yes mirrors! Some backpacks have the ability to attach mirrors so you can see your passenger.
–> Loops – anyone who has used a backpack will know that additional loops for tying things onto the backpack are a great feature. If the loops are set up high, they can even be used to attach toys to keep your youngster occupied.
–> Back ventilation system – some backpacks have ‘breathing’ systems built it to release the heat that builds up between you and the backpack
–> Easy Clean – accidents will happen but when they do a backpack carrier that is easy to clean will save you a lot of time and energy

Kelty Baby Backpack Carrier Review

The Kelty backpack carrier is ideal for hiking, camping, the park, outdoor activities but can be used for any occasion where you need to have a backpack carrier. There are many extras as well as being comfortable for both baby and parent. When the Kelty is adjusted properly the weight of the carrier and the baby is distributed perfectly. You do not have the weight put on your shoulders like you do in other backpack carriers.

The automatic kickstand makes for getting your toddler in and out a breeze. The kickstand is also equipped with rubber pinch resistant hinges for those little fingers. There is also a nifty roll bar to keep your little one out of danger should you happen to fall.

Features of baby carrier

The storage in the Kelty infant carrier is remarkable. There is storage under the seat big enough for lunch, water, and a first aid kit in some models. And storage in the form of a small day pack comes on most styles of the Kelty infant carrier, that zips on the carrier behind the seat big enough for kid supplies, diapers, lunch, and a change of clothes.

And there is a pocket for your cell phone or GPS. Don’t worry about losing your childs toys either. There are toy loops to attach toys so your child can keep busy while hiking.

  • Top-of-the-line child carrier with sophisticated suspension system
  • Ventilated back panel, padded shoulder straps, and contoured hip belt
  • Frame and seat are covered in breathable fabric to ensure all-day comfort
  • 5-point adjustable child’s harness
  • Patented sun/rain hood available for most models
  • Zip-off diaper bag on most models
  • 50-pound load limit

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