Don’t Waste Your Money on these Coffee Tables

March 5, 2020

This week the discussion is all about Coffee Table trends for Friday Frugal Finds. A quick way to refresh that living room is with a new coffee table. Keep reading to learn what style of coffee table is best for you and how you can get designer lookalikes that will save you a lot of money!

Coffee Tables are the central part of your living room. This is where you congregate with family members and guests and this table can serve many functions such as a resting place for your guests’ cocktails, simply a cozy place to rest the remote, or even a work space area when writing whilst lounging on the couch. Any which way you use your coffee table, it’s placement in the center of your den or living room makes it a key piece of furniture. Therefore, it is best to know: a) the design rules surrounding coffee table measurements, b) optimal ways to style this table, c) the most aesthetically pleasing and updated coffee table styles, and d) how to achieve the look for less.

Before you choose a style of table, it is wise to first ask yourself what you truly need from a coffee table. You might want to also consider your design style and family dynamics.

Coffee Tables and Kids

As a mom to a three year old, I will tell you that safety is very important and so while designers might be showcasing styles that are trending, it is important to avoid any coffee tables that might pose safety hazards. When my daughter was born, I immediately sent my glass coffee table to the curb. It was beautiful and I miss the look of it, however, little children and glass do not mix. Also, if you have small kids at home or plan on having children in your house, opt for a circular or oval coffee table. This will eliminate the need to shield the corners  of your table with those ugly baby proof foam covers. They are so hideous! If you can find a circular padded ottoman style coffee table even better. If your kid falls on it, they will bounce right back up.  And if that round soft table has built in storage, well then, you are the best.

Coffee Table Trends

The hottest coffee tables around fall into 5 major categories and have been spotted at the finest home stores such as Arhaus, Restoration Hardware, Bliss Home, Ballard Designs, and Pottery Barn. While you could place your order for one of these fine tables, why bother driving all the way out to Rodeo and having to deal with Valet when you can simply order from the convenience of your own home, while saving hundreds of dollars.

You see, I believe that your money is better spent at Van Cleef and Arpels or getting that gorgeous Bugatti you have been eyeing for some time now. Why not take a trip or even buy yourself a private island? Being frugal does not mean you are roughing it. God no! I am not sending you out to Ikea, I am simply showing you how to save money by being smart. Sometimes, by using simple DIY tools like bolt cutter, saws and drills, you can repair your old coffee table and make it new. Do you think anyone will know that you spent less than $500 on that identical distressed balustrade coffee table selling for over $2,000 at Bliss Home and Design? Take that money and invest it, hand it over to charity, or support the next Republican candidate with a small donation, but good lord, please do not throw this money out.


If you want a noteworthy coffee table for guests to admire, be on the lookout for these 5 trends:

1. Crystal Clear Curved Edge Coffee Table- The table is made of acrylic and gives the home a modern vibe.

2. Industrial Chic Wrought-Iron Coffee Table- This coffee table takes a minimalist approach with black wrought iron legs that wrap at the bottom to produce clean lines. The table top varies from plain ceramic to reclaimed wood. For wood table tops,  parquet design is wildly popular in stores like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware.

3. The Distressed Balustrade Table-This coffee table is iconic at the moment. Look for this rectangular table in a whitewash or distressed finish. This coffee table is like a miniature version of last year’s popular dining tables which featured balustrades or a center pedestal. The farmhouse look gets a more modern shabby chic touch with coats of worn grey, white, or reclaimed pine finish.

4. The simple yet elegant round wooden table- This table goes with everything and is perfect for nearly every household and living room setup.

5. Let’ go my Deco- Art Deco style is back and it is replacing the Hollywood regency mirrored furniture that was ever so popular over the past few years with a more subtle elegance. Sophisticated elegance is now in while over-the-top glam is passé. Look for glass top tables with hourglass frames in a gold-tone finish and opt for styles that reflect a sense of aristocratic refinement.

Now, take a look below to see how you can splurge on a nearly identical coffee table or simply save hundreds of dollars with these fabulous imitations. Keep reading for design pointers to ensure that you are not making any amateurish mistakes when it comes to the placement of your coffee table.

Incorporating Your Coffee Table into Your Design

Did you know that the standard coffee table is between 16 and 18 inches in height? Also, plan on spacing your coffee table 18 inches away from the edge of your sofa. This is the optimal amount of space to allow for legroom and while keeping your drink within reach. Depending on the height of your sofa and the way you use your coffee table, you can buy a taller coffee table that is 21 inches in height. Do you have a small living room or a desire to show off that gorgeous antique leather sofa?

Get yourself the clear table in acrylic or lucite to instantly create the illusion of space. If your sofa is big and bulky, go with a sleek and trim coffee table. If your sofa is sleek and trim, opt for a round coffee table or even an upholstered ottoman. You can create harmonious balance with your couch and coffee table. If your style calls for bold colors, make sure to keep your sofa and surrounding seating in neutral tones. Finally, remember that if you have kids you need a soft round coffee table. Storage capability is an added plus.

If you are in need of a new coffee table, I hope this post serves as a guide that you can use when shopping. By following this advice, I assure you that your home will be as stylish as it is functional. If you opt for the beautiful yet less expensive furniture, I hope you spend your savings on something amazing!

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