Mountain Life

May 1, 2019

I feel like the content here has veered a little in preach-y/self help-y territory. (Please do tell me if it has.) So I thought I’d share a little glimpse into my life today.

Have you experienced beautiful sunshine when your surroundings are blanketed in snow? We’ve had a lot of that this past week in my part of the world, and I absolutely adore it. Not only because it means Spring is on it’s way, but also because the way the snow sparkles and the sun feels on my skin is a happymaker.

You know how we’re always telling stories to ourselves? Well, a few times this week, when I looked outside and saw the weather, I decided, “You are on an adventure.” Then I got dressed, made sure I had some podcasts downloaded (I love Invisiblia and The Moth) and I went for a walk. My only task was to pay attention; this was my adventure.

It is so surprising how alive I feel when I just make the conscious effort to be present. Everything is delightful. That is not a word I often use, but I do find myself welling up with delight at the simplest things. I take photos all along the way (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen them) and these walks have been the highlight of my week. (That, and absolutely killing it at getting new freelance clients. Suck it, rejection.)

This weekend, Joerg and I went into the mountains in search of a lake. We love to hike to lakes that are hidden deep within the mountains because they truly feel like magical places. The only problem is that the directions to get there are super vague, and we spend a lot of time lost. We asked some locals if we were headed in the right direction, and they said we were, but we would never make it in our clothes. Neither Joerg or I have appropriate mountain hiking wear. I probably could have gathered that by myself because every third step left me buried up to my hip in snow.

So, we didn’t make it to the lake, but we did make it as a high as we could, and there we played chess, had a picnic and took a nap in the sunshine.

This week was a good one, and I am happy. How was yours?

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