Why I’m a long distance runner

May 25, 2019

When it comes to running for me: why I’m actually a long distance runner, and how I came to this realization.

1. I start feeling better the longer I run.

This might make sense why I felt SO unprepared leading up to my half last month; I hadn’t really run anything longer than 6 miles leading up to it and felt like I physically couldn’t run anything further than that (without suffering the whole time), but my body sure did show me up. Once I get going, the torture subsides and I actually feel pretty amazing.

And then, along the same lines of this first point…

2. I gain more energy the longer I run.

Not that this is necessarily always the case, but it seems to be the common theme across a lot of long runs. My running energy seems to mirror my overall energy throughout a day; I start gaining it in the early evening after I’ve been warming up to it all day! Like this, my long runs generally follow the same pattern. Maybe it takes me a while to find my groove, or maybe my body is just waiting for what it likes: distance! Either way, the energy is saving up for the journey!

3. I like longer runs.

Although I haven’t done a ton of long runs lately, I know that I feel more satisfaction when I complete them versus shorter ones. It might come with the aspect of liking to challenge myself (i.e.: in finding new routes, adding up all the miles I’m running, or pushing myself to keep going). Let’s just say that distance and me agree.

4. My body takes well to long runs.

What I mean by this is that I’m hardly ever in pain after running long distances (minus issues from shoes!). I knew this ‘strong’ lower body from dancing for all those years had to benefit me somehow ;). Even after my half marathon last month, I felt completely fine that afternoon afterwards and the following day! I’ve oiled the ‘long running’ joints I guess!

And personally, my favourite reason for why I’m a long distance runner…

5. I can push myself harder near the end than at the beginning.

This is especially true when I’m running a half and I see the finish line in sight. Even with those 13 miles clocked in, I can dig deep and really give it my all to bring me home. I think this comes with the practice of running a few half marathons already, but it really gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing that I can still push myself after running solid for almost two hours.

Now to be a complete ironic mess, how about we talk about the Color Me Rad 5K race for a moment! You know, the one where they throw pretty colours all over you so you end up looking like a rainbow?

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